5 Factors to Help You Choose the Right Cloud Service Provider

Cloud Service Provider

Being a business owner, one of the essential services is cloud storage, which can also expand over to several areas. Multiple features are offered with that single service, providing you with much-needed peace. However, the hard part is to select one from the hundreds of options available. Since no common framework exists to help you assess the best Cloud Service Provider for your needs, you will need to form a personalized criterion. With a lot of high-level competitors like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform in the picture, the list is not small, but your budget could be. So, you must make wise decisions with the provider you choose so that you don’t end up grappling with the existing funds to make all payments. Here are some factors that can help you choose the right cloud service provider.

1.      Security

By setting certain security goals for your cloud service requirements, you can eliminate some names from the list. Check through the security measures adopted by the providers and the mechanisms used for the preservation of your data and applications, and see if they are in line with your requirements. The out-of-the-box features offered must also be checked with each vendor to assess the quality of their services. If you have any questions about the cloud features offered on a particular platform, you mustn’t hesitate to do so because security is the top concern when considering such services.


2.      Compliance

The compliance standards are the next most important thing to check. Make sure the cloud architecture platform is helping you comply with the norms of your industry. Understanding your responsibilities is the first stage in finding the best provider with great compliance standards.

3.      Architecture

Providers will differ in the architecture they have set up for their platform. Scroll through the unique features and areas covered by each provider. If you have already invested in Microsoft services, it might be better to proceed with Azure. The cost of the storage will depend on the frequency at which you access the data. Cool storage will cost lesser than hot ones but comes with a few restrictions.


4.      Manageability

When choosing a cloud platform for your services, you must look for the factor of manageability because it affects the daily results. For example, if your organization relies on cloud services every day, you will need to opt for the best one on the list. Integration and acquisition of various tools are also the crucial activities conducted by the providers; if they fail to organize it well, your business can be affected.

5.      Service Levels and Support

Considering service levels is essential when you have tight schedules and require fast responses to your queries. A system that can support you through the various stages of managing an account is also crucial. If all these aspects seem to be missing on the platform you select, you might have most probably signed up for some lackluster show of cloud abilities.

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